Friday, March 7, 2014

March Focus: Kitchens {Week 1:Cabinetry}

March is Kitchen month here at Riverside Designers! We are going to explore various design elements throughout the month of March that will take your kitchen's design above and beyond, while maintaining classic style.

Up first: Cabinetry. Well-designed cabinetry is essential to the overall function and appeal of a kitchen. The cabinetry in your kitchen is the largest design element and also the largest expense, so it pays to mind the details. This week we explored a few of the many cabinet designs that can really set your kitchen apart from the rest. 

Mixing Finishes:

Do not be afraid to paint the cabinetry two different paint colors or mix in a wood tone. This is a great way to add interest to the focal points of the space. The colors need to coordinate with each other and the overall aesthetic throughout the space. Contrast is fine but do not overdo it with two colors that do not complement one another. 
Picture One: We love the mix of the washed oak with the high gloss white in this first picture. 
Picture Two: The faux finished island in picture two is the perfect color variation to blend with the pale gray perimeter cabinetry.

Open Shelves: 

While these may not be for everyone, open shelves are a great way to display your gorgeous china, glassware, etc. and create an open feel. What you choose to put on the shelves is crucial, but it is a great way to add some interest and break up the monotony of cabinet doors. You don't want the shelves to look cluttered so select your favorite pieces, and remember less is more!  Also, open shelves always seem to work better around a sink instead of a cooktop (think of food splashes while you're cooking!)


Islands are one of the main defining factors of modern kitchen design. They are not only funtional but provide a central gathering place for families and entertaining. Bar seating is a great way to bring a casual dining space into the kitchen. Instead of a raised bar, we prefer a counter height overhang. This maintains the open feel of the kitchen and is more comfortable than bar height. For larger kitchens, two islands is a great use of space. 

 Glass Doors: 

For smaller kitchens or long walls of cabinetry we suggest mixing in some glass cabinet fronts. Add glass shelves and down lighting for some extra glam! Another idea is to paint the insides of the glass cabinets to add a pop of color. If clear glass is not for you, there are a variety of glass options that you can not see directly through.

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